Firecrest is a Master of Entertainment Technology (MET) team at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) for the Fall semester of 2014, working together with the Civil Protection of Madeira.

Given the recent incidents that happened at the levadas and walks, we intend to raise awareness of the tourists and locals about the different possible dangers and safety precautions, in order to make them prevent and better respond to said situations in the levadas.

The Team

Serviço Regional de Protecção Civil, IP-RAM

The Regional Service of Civil Protection is an organization located in Madeira Island, whose mission is not only to protect and rescue people from inherent risks and dangerous situations, but also to analyze the effects of such situations in the population.

Furthermore, the Civil Protection is also responsible to guide, coordinate and supervise both activities carried out by fireman and civil protection personnel during an emergency situation.





  • newsletter1
    Newsletter #1

    Newsletter #1

    In this first week, team Firecrest had a meeting with the director of the MET program, Monchu Chen, in order to discuss the project for this […]
  • newsletter2
    Newsletter #2

    Newsletter #2

    In this second week, team Firecrest had a meeting with the client, in order to talk about the project and initial research. Furthermore, we defined our […]
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    Newsletter #3

    Newsletter #3

    In this third week, the team changed it’s name and logo. In addition, we made surveys and interviews to potential stakeholders. The team also made a […]
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    Newsletter #4

    Newsletter #4

    In this fourth week, the team analysed the surveys, in order to retrieve valuable insights. In addition, we made another brainstorming session and interview. At last, […]

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